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pls add cheats! it's fun but i always die so it needs cheats.


This is one of the coolest games that Iv'e played on! It would be cool to see some hand management (think Dungeon Mayhem) and deck builder mechanics (Like Star Realms) like in card games.  I like that you can chain abilities and the versatility of some abilities like relocate.


Glad I tried DD, it's a really cool concept and has potential I think. Moar please. :)


Thank you very much for covering our game!

I do appreciate that :D


Quite a promising gem, i really like how the combat feel! Is it possible to start/switch the game in a windowed mode ? Also Is there a way to access any kind of option/menu ?(sound mostly as it is quite loud)


So, this is pretty much a prototype version of the game, which means that I have not to spend any time working on settings and menu stuff - and I'm really sorry for that.

What you can do is press [F1] to open the console and type fullscreen + enter, this should switch the screen mode ;)


I figured but it doesn't hurt to ask and you shouldn't excuse yourself as it's really well done for a prototype !

Pressing F1 opens the browser, any way to fix that?


Decided to play your game and had a good time. Here's the result XD

Thank you for recording the gameplay! We are always happy to see people covering Dungeon Drafters!


I thought this was an awesome game. Granted I didn't get to far in the dungeon but I thought it was great. I played this for my Indie Game Showcase that I do.

Here is the gameplay highlight of the game.

Yup, thank you very much for covering the game! We are always happy to see that kind of gameplay ;)


please dont read this if you dont have played the game yet.....your game is really good but i found a few things that maked this game a hell of a lot to easy in my opinion 1. you can go in a combat zone draw a full hand leave instantly and you got a full hand use all fireballs on enemys that cant spot you from the distance until they are dead 2. you can combine trap plus relocate to get youself a minion spawner ghost this gives you a square of protection around you and it fights for you  combine this with the first trick and you got permanent 2 relocate and 2 traps if u want to 3. if you use the stone card at an enemy that is at a wall it grants you an insta kill for all enemies except the 4 health slimes 4. i dont know if this was intentional but you kill with the lightning as many enemies as you want say like 4 enemys in a row gets killed by your lightning spell and after it i just press right click and you got 3 turns left so i can use my poison cards to finish the round  ... but still i think your game is great i hopr there is more coming in the future 


Great game, glad I found this!

Yup, thanks!


I have a few glitches. One, the tourtured souls pick a random spot every time to summon a minion, and if there is something there, the animation spins in circles off the screen. Also, most animations  are a bit to slow. Maybe speed them up? Or is that because of the slow running speed?

Hey, CelineRobin!

As far as I know, the game has some issues when running under 60 fps - which shall be fixed any patch - although this could be a normal bug, so I will make sure to take a look at consistent in those elements ;)

Thank you very much for reporting,


Awsome job, the game looks and plays amazing, the concept is great, and as a lover of card games and dungeon crawler games alike i fell in love with this game.

Unfortunatly the Ai kinda froze on me a couple of times, it got to the enemies turn and they would just stand there making me unable to do anything, forcing me to quit the game, this wouldnt be soo bad if i could pause the game, save, and reload, but or im too dumb to find the save button or the pause menu for that matter, or for now the game is yet to gain that feature.

But im fully aware that the game is not yet finished and any bugs and problems that the game may face can be and will be resolved in due time.

I cant wait to see this game grow as new features, cards are implemented and worked upon.

I agree in what some people previously said, that some cards could have been better explained, and that it could be a great if there could in the future be diferent characters with diferent skills, one game that does that very well is "Slay the Spire", but i do believe you will want to focus on the core gameplay before even thinking about this extra features.

In another note i found it kinda hard to regain health, the only way that i found being the appropriate spell and in a way it ads to the dificulty, and i totally understand if it was a desing decision and not a problem,  still maybe when you entered the portal to go to the tavern you could pay the keeper to restore health, or maybe some rarer drops could restore a couple of hit points, or maybe some of those features were already implemented and i was just not lucky enought to find them.

As for now the game is already preaty awsome and i hope it has as much of a bright future as games like the "Bindig of Isaac" and "Enter the Gungeon" did, and be sure that when the finished game finally releases i am going to buy it as soon as possible.

Keep up the awsome work fellas, your doing great.

Thank you very much for getting in touch, Boga98.

Your words are hugely appreciated and did help our team get that extra motivation and work harder at the project!

As I said earlier, we do expect to make quite a long journey developing the final version of Dungeon Drafters and we will make sure that the game will have a big amount of meaningful content: unique cards, diverse strategies, unique level designs among different dungeons, boss fights, NPCs and some more!

For now, I would definitely recommend you to join our community on Discord, or follow us on Twitter so you can stay tuned to the updates the game receives ;)



The game looks and plays awesome. Can't wait to see more cards, and maybe some more dungeon tile sets. Only hassle I had was with the entanglement card; it was unclear from the card text when the damage happened (might just be because I'm an idiot). Would also be cool if there was alternate characters who have different hand sizes,  draw rates, and melee damage that you unlock as you play. Overall can't wait for the full version.


Lovely to hear that you enjoyed the game!

I appreciate your feedback and you can be sure that the final version of the game will have tons of content, unique cards, meaningful strategies, and interesting level designs for each of the featured dungeons!

For now, I can tell you that this prototype version will be receiving an update any time soon with some text corrections and more precise information to help the understanding of the mechanics ;)



Nice art style and interesting combat strategies

Thank you!



Thank you very much for the coverage!


I Love The Game,It's Really Pretty.

Thank you!


a really nice game

would like to have a full version of it

Incredible game, really very good, challenging, fun and very well done. Congratulations to the entire Dungeon Drafters team.

Thank you very much for these words!

We also hope to see you enjoying the final version of the game once it is done! Meanwhile, you can follow the development process in our discord channel and twitter account ;)


I played your game for an indie romp and gotta say that I just loved the concept. rouge like deck building dungeon crawler was not a genre I thought I needed! I can't wait for the finished game. Not sure if I just suck or if the game is very challenging but I've yet to get to the end

Your game starts at 11:24

Thank you mate,
We appreciate the coverage :D


Can there be a skip turn button?

It could, but that is a mechanic we still discussing. Also, it will probably be affected by the new combat system which we are working on, so we might do a few tests with this mechanic and let you know if we are going to add that into the final version of the game or not. Thanks for the feedback ;)


Can you make so that the Venusaurs are useful to mindslave 



Hi I just downloaded this game! I am loving it but I have encountered a bug,(my knolledge of this game is very low and Im still a newbie) one of those mini acid slime throwing mobs threw an acid slime and it went away out of the screen spining raidly, and now I am softlocked

So, you must be Onion in the discord server, right haha?

guess I've just replied you there,

anyways, thank you for the report!

hi i have the same  bug pls patch very annoying


This game was so interesting to play. I really like how these developers made this formula for the game and I enjoyed every second of it. When I finished the game and sadly realized that it was just a demo. I made sure to leave a comment to show these developers my appreciation of this amazing work of art. Can't wait to play the full version one day!

(1 edit)

Great to hear that you liked the concept of the game and that you are looking forward to seeing the final version!

When we started this project we were really confused about its nature. I mean, it is a mix of a roguelike, card game, dungeon crawler, and tactics. Definitely sounds different, but we were not confident that this would work. Along the development of this prototype - or proof of concept - we became a bit more confident about what the game is, and where are the players for this type of project.

When developing dungeon drafters, I always try to make sure that this is something I would like to play by myself, and that's why I am also hoping to get the final version of the project done!

I am sure it will take some long, but meanwhile, you can follow our development process in the discord channel or twitteraccount!

Anyways, thank you very much for the kind words dude!


Awesome development story.  And like you said, always make the game how YOU would want it to function. That's (for me) is the golden rule for development (And ofc, adjust it with great feedback from the community ) Then surely, it will turn into a game that you and everyone else here would love to play. Heck, I like it a lot already ;)


Three words 




I absolutely love this game. It runs smoothly, has fun mechanics, and fantastic replayability. The graphics are appealing and the music is good (just a little fast). Honestly this is my new favorite card game. The reengage system was fun and useful. Combat felt fluid and  never was a chore since every encounter was somehow different.

I can't wait for future updates and am really exited for whats to come. I am particularity interested in how the currency system will work (the fun little orange diamonds).

The only thing I'm wondering is: will there eventually be a healing system/item?

So, even though it's still in development i'd give this game a 9/10.

Keep up the good work Lucas

(2 edits)

I will let you know as soon as we get a new version of the game, it might take a while since we are reworking almost everything for the final version of the game. Meanwhile, you can follow us on twitter and Discord server!

Talking about the currency in the game, it is related to a lot of diverse features in the game. Such as buying boosters, forging runes (which are an important part of the game, omitted in the prototype. They are related to the color of the cards), buying trinkets, single cards, trading with NPCs for services and using them in the future marketplace. - I know it sounds like a lot of information, but there are some interesting mechanics that we hope to show in the next version. I can also assure you that everything will be bought exclusively with those shards, and the shards are obtainable exclusively by playing the game - unraveling dungeons, killing mobs, trading cards...

About the healing part of the game, I can also say that there will be different mechanics around health. Some cards and deck archetypes may work around the concept of sustain yourself, gaining and stealing life, while other decks may even spend health to cast insane cards and clean up the dungeon as fast as possible.

I'm excited about the features being developed in the final version of the game, and I hope you will be too. We pretend to release some info about the game as we go on creating it. The only downside is that it might take a while since we have a very limited amount of resource to make this project real!

Thank you very much for the feedback ;)


Thanks for the quick response. I am exited for these features and can’t wait to see how they work. I really appreciate that you took time to respond and I can’t wait to see the final version. Keep up the good work!


This is a pretty good game and I really enjoyed it.

I loved the card game setup mixed with roguelike combat, I loved how some cards could chain into one another (like the one that allows you to teleport yourself or another unit to another tile within range and the spell that allowed to turn enemies into allies), I like how some cards allowed you to reposition yourself while also allowing you to attack within the same turn, and I liked how the card setup worked out, where you could cast multiple spells in one turn if you had the action points to spend for it.

The only problems I noticed was one glitch where the caster enemy tried to make an ally slime for me and the purple ball thing just jittered across the screen (and sometimes offscreen as well) until I decided to close the game and I felt as though the enemy A.I. was a bit too passive (but also recognize that it could just be the fact that they're starting level enemies rather than enemies that are designed to be aggressive from the oneset).

Overall, pretty good game, I love the concept, and I can't wait to see what more you add to it later on.

Great to hear that you've enjoyed the reengage cards and the mix between roguelike and card game, I can say that we are designing some really cool combos for the final version of the game!

I will  also make sure to take a look at the soft look you reported,

Thank you very much for the comment ;)

(1 edit) (+1)

Nice game, but i had some problems with the frogs and the thougth slave spell, mainly because the poison that my ally left didn't deal any damage to the enemies but still dealt damage to me and i couldn't do anything about it, and it looked lije he was targeting me when he was attacking with the poison . So i couldn't kill him nor do anything about his poison wich ended up killing me .

use stalagmite on him it kills him

i couldn't. i didn't have it on hand at the time. I think i got this spell like 2 times and i can't rely on a specific spell to stay alive every time i use thought control

Thanks for letting me know that,
as soon as I fix this issue I'll make sure to ping you ;)


nice idea! could use an option to speed up the enemy turn :)

You can actually use shift to fastfoward ;)

Looks really nice!
Any chance for Linux version? :)


It's gorgeous and the gameplay has so much potential. I'm excited to play the full release! If I could only make one suggestion (and it for all I know this might only be the case because I played a demo) but I died pretty quickly during my first encounter because of the swarm of enemies. In the full game, I'm hoping the difficulty ramps up more gradually, or maybe it would help so that all enemies in the mob have a chance of performing an action rather than all of them doing so.

Anyway, LOVED IT, and I'll be keeping a close eye on it!

Lovely to hear that!

Yeah, as said, the game right now has some problems of balancing (most of those are related to the monster population algorithm, which we are going to change completely very soon).

Also, we are going to fix problems related to large encounters (especially because normally they are too boring, or too exhausting).

Other than that, I am pretty happy to hear that you linked the game, and please, feel free to join us on Discord!

I joined! Looking forward to future updates 👍


looks amazing, is there any way this might be available on Mac one day

The final version of the game will definitely be on Mac. This prototype version tough is very unlikely, sorry for that :(


thanks, I can't wait to try it out


I really loved the pixel art

nice work

(1 edit)

Thank you very much, the lovely pixel art was made by @GekkoSdf - which also worked with me at Wild Glory, an artist worth following.

(1 edit) (+1)

Superb job!
Nice gameplay, Great atmosphere and unique concept, the only thing that isn't that great is the content;
-Few unique enemies per Area (The same guy appear over and over).
-Some songs are too short (they loop too fast).
-Few or none options.

I know it's only an early build so it's understandable so instead of this being a critique it's more of a suggestion:
A button to view the log.
That after battle if u end up with 2 or more Allied units that it let you choose which one to keep.
A button or something that let's you pass turn without moving or end turn.

But besides that and that time i got soft-blocked using Stalagmite.
Overall fun and enjoyable game i will definitely keep an eye for future updates.


Thank you very much for the feedback,

As you already said, the lack of content so far is definitely due to the early stages of development, this beta version of the game is more like a proof of concept for us. It also helps to identify who are the players that have interest in the game.

The final version of the game will for sure have much more content - and we are already working on that; tons of environment, cards, enemies, bosses, NPCs, trinkets, and treasures!

Right now, we are considering just some small fixes in this version of the games, and your suggestions and bug report may be useful for that!

If you want to keep an eye on the development process you can also join us on the Dungeon Drafters discord channel ;)

I got this error after pressing enter to restart

Great to know,
I will be fixing that soon!


Nice concept, enjoyed what I saw there. How do you quit the game though during play?

Pressing alt + f4 should work just fine - since this version is just a demo and does not have a fully function menu yet.


If the game didn't constantly freeze i'd love to play on the regular for about a month and get bored of it, but seriously it's a pretty good game considering it's free

I am really sorry that the game did freeze. Do you have any clue about why it was freezing? Steps that I could try to replicate the freezing.
Or are those just lag spikes in the middle of the game?

I would be glad to know because this is yet a demo version of the game, created to validate de concept and a lot of internal problems of the code were not given much attention.

(2 edits) (+1)

Well it only froze twice until i quit playing (since you can't save which i understand i mean it's just a demo), but if i remember correctly both times it was when the last enemy was defeated in a battle and seemed to be somewhat random

Great to know, I will try to figure it out.
Thank you

Round two! It's amazing how much of a difference the recast abilities make! The card draw was really nice as well, though I did end up with no cards multiple times. I think my only real qualm right now is how hard it is to get some heath back, but that may very much be a personal preference. Keep up the fantastic work!


Would just like to note a wierd bug were the tormented sole casted the weird purple ball spell thing but it just flew off and didnt allow me to continue. didnt know if that was a feature or not. Other than that the game is great 


As I was playing I realized that there is no way to save your game progress. would helpful if there was one but over all good game!

Yeah, that's true. We actually have not considered a save game in the demo version because we thought the gameplay time was too short to implement that. I will probably not introduce a saving system in this version of the game, it would take too much time for a feature that I only consider essential in the final game.

I appreciate your comment, thank you very much!


Hi, I meet some bugs with the random generator. It sometimes generate the portal on a indestructible obstacle so I can't go back, sometimes I am spawned in a completely isolate chamber. Those are really annoying.

I am extremely sorry for that, and I will try to fix (actually, I will try to find those bugs in the code hehe) in the next update of the demo version. Thank you for the comment!


It seems like cardwars


I actually never heard of that, but I will definitely check it out!


Heya! I really like the concept here and the combat is really fun, but I think I got myself into a pretty rough situation at the end. I suggest a few ideas like the dash being able to land on an occupied space if it does enough damage to kill an enemy and maybe being ale to trade your moves for cards. I didn't experiment all that much and I'm sure I missed some things, but I hope the feedback is useful!


Heya CoalFire!

Great to see you playing! I enjoyed a lot watching you play, it actually gave me a lot of feedback about the game.

First, I can see that some mechanics were not explicitly; first of them being the REENGAGE, which could be extremely useful in that last battle because of cards like Sharp Dash and Thunder Smite, which can be cast endless times in a turn. Killing an enemy with Thunder Smite not only teleports you into that position but also allow you to cast that card for free again. Thanks to you, I will definitely add some more information and context into REENGAGE cards.

Also, I can see that you had a problem with long combats and lack of cards in hand, making your turn useless. I also got that same feedback multiple times, and I will probably add more ways to draw cards in long combat and see how that goes!

Another mechanic that also was noticed, probably because I should have given more information about that in game, is the melee attack that you can do. You can damage enemies just like you destroy boxes out of combat, stepping into them. I will make sure to make it more accessible in the next version of the game.

You've also pointed some bugs that I need to fix, like allied slimes not getting the color they should, making that last battle a little confusing; enemies that take longer than they should make a decision and poison cards dealing double damage, when they should deal just 1 health point.

Thank you very much for your coverage, I enjoyed your content! I would love to see you play some more and get deeper into the game once I fix those things!


I only noticed the reengage mechanic while I was editing, but I can see how that would be a game changer in terms of taking out smaller enemies. Good to know there's a melee attack too, never would have guessed that. Let me know when there's an update and I'll give it another go!


Hey there! Any news on an updated version? I'm excited to give it another try!


Yes, the next version will probably be out next week. I've been actually very busy with some research projects this week, and I am also going to take place in the Ludum Dare game jam in the weekend, but after all that, I shall work at the demo again.


Hey there! Still looking forward to the update to give it another go! :)

Hey CoalFire! Sorry for the long delay, I have been busy these past few days, but I can finally say that the Update is done!
You can check the changelog in the post featured on this page. I hope you enjoy this new version of the game!

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