Demo Update 1.1

Demo Update 1.1

Hey folks, I am announcing today that a lot of the feedback given have been added into the actual game and you can get it a try right now!

  • New Mechanic - Now it is possible to draw extra cards in combat, spending action points.
  • New Mechanic - The initial deck now starts with a few random green cards that make card draw more flexible.
  • Bug Fix - Allies now are always correct colored and have a green health bar.
  • Bug Fix - It is no longer possible to trap yourself between a block and an ally since you both switch positions when moving.
  • Bug Fix - Poison cards no longer inflict double or triple damage.
  • Bug Fix - Barterback no longer let you discard the same card two times.
  • Change - Reengage mechanic is now clearer to understand.
  • Bug Fix - Spawner should no longer spam mini slimes out of combat.

I hope you guys enjoy it, let me know about your thoughts and give us a shout! Thank Ya


Dungeon 15 MB
Nov 20, 2018

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