Demo Update 1.1 b

Hey folks, I just want to let you know that a small fix has been released, all thanks to Juh9870 - which helped a lot by giving some important feedbacks in our Discord server

  • New Mechanic - Dandaring has a new ability, which allows you to discard all poisoned cards in hand.
  • Bug Fix - Barterback now correctly discards two cards.
  • Bug Fix - The portal should no longer stick the player in, neither send the player to the void.
  • Bug Fix - Enemy walk got a pattern bug since the last update, which should be fixed.
  • Bug Fix - Dandaring now works out of combat and let you jump in single walls.
  • Bug Fix - The deck should now correctly reshuffle itself.
  • Change - Fireball now indicates where it will split.
  • Change - Overhealing with floralizer now is limited to 15 health points.
  • Change - Card drops are now much more likely to drop non-default cards.
  • Change - Tutorial is now skippable.
  • Feature - Discard now has a visual representation.

I hope you guys enjoy it, let me know about your thoughts and give us a shout! Thank Ya


Dungeon 14 MB
Dec 27, 2018

Get Dungeon Drafters - Prototype

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