I am very sorry to announce that Dungeon Drafters, unfortunately, have been canceled.

We are now focusing our attention in a sequel game, called PUYO DRAFTERS!

Puyo Drafters was a touch decision to make, but I am sure you will understand the magnifisence of this project when you hear that:

  • Poyu Drafters is amazing
  • Puyo Drafters is playable
  • Puyo Drafters supports up to 2 players (in the same machine!)
  • Puyo Drafters does not have a history mode!

I hope you enjoy our new project. I love you. Have a great life!


Dungeon Drafters.zip 17 MB
Apr 01, 2019

Get Dungeon Drafters - Prototype


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It's a real shame that dungeon drafters has been canceled. However I am interested in seeing how this new project bangs out.

April 1st haha!
The project still alive, and we are working on it!

More significant updates coming soon ;)


You really got me there. That’s great news. Can’t wait to see the updates.

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April 1st haha, I'm so sorry haha!

Anyways, you can be sure that we still working on the project!

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This name is awesome !