A downloadable game for Windows

After acquiring the precious Jade's Gauntlet, the Dwarf was very proud, because as every non-hipster dwarf he does like a lot some great powerful jewels.

But the undeads got angry when they lost the item, and angry undeads do not like people.

To escape, you need to finish some challenges.

This game was made in 48 hours, it already complete and I'm not working on it anymore, although I will reply any comment and sugestions, so, fell free to talk with me about the puzzles and level construction :)

Feel free to message me, you can send me a tweet @Lukbebalduk3 and even email-me lukbebalduke@outlook.com and I do reply! :)

Install instructions

There is two download links, the FIRST ONE is the GAME. The second one is the source game.


LD37_JadesGauntlet.zip 23 MB
Jades Gauntlet.gmx.rar 50 MB

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