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Fun game, spent a good hour on creating a nice 20 edged(lol) sword that did wonders in damage. unfortunately i ran into the bug where you get stuck in the center of the area on one of the platforms. Then i had to close, and unfortunately all my effort went to waste when i realized the save function only worked in a single sitting and didn't extend to a second session. Very frustrated.  But still, the crafting system is unique and very fun.

Thanks for the commentary :)

So, as you said - the game right now has a lot of problems. Some of them you pointed, some of them people dont notice but they do exist. The game need to be fixed is all kind of aspects, and that is probably ALL reflex of the fact that it has been created in fully made in 48 hours. I usually do not change anything after the ludumdare, but SMASHSMITH is right now in a strange position, it's representing 95% of my downloads, what makes me think about fixing it. Probably you can expect an significant update soon, and since you complained - I'll think about a save game :)


Word, save the game.


VERY fun, Im having a good time playing it,  a brief tutorial explaining how the weight system and everything works would do wonders

Thanks for the support! As I said, I'm not working on this project anymore, but I do appreciate the suggestions :)