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Simply awesome, the only bad point is that it has an end.

The artstyle works extremely well, the music however gets repetetive.

The gameplay is fun, although it relies a bit much on RNG, and I'd personally prefer more deep/synergy based system.

There's a lot of minor inconveniences- bug when leaving the floor, where it let me run through the elevator before it rubbered me back, combat feeling frustrating when there are multiple enemies just because I have to wait for my own turn, while 6 enemies have fun running around doing frick all (speed up enemy turn?), the ordinary attack animation being way too slow, but those are things that can be all fixed.

Overall, enjoyed the demo immensely. Good luck with the game. <3

A game with a TON of visual appeal and charm, however pausing the game crashed my system.

looking forward to playing a more stable release!

So how do I play this? Im on 64 bits, and when I downloaded it it says its file type is a rar and it wont open it for me.


doesn't work on Wine :(

All you need is the heart of the cards to beat this demo.


10/10 would cast lightning again.

positives: I really loved this game, beautiful graphics and soundtrack too.

negative points: some bugs that can harm you

bugs: pausing the game on screen transition, you can enter the wall sometimes, suggestions: class selection, online mode with pvp arena

final grade: 9

sorry for the english mistakes, i’m using google translator ._.

Lovely demo, but those summoners definitely need a nerf. I just spent way way too long on a room that spawned four of them. If this were a full game and I had died there it would have killed my enthusiasm


question: is  32bits compatible




fun game that's a neat fusion of genres. excellent pixel art and animation. congratulations on the successful kickstarter campaign, hope development goes well!

This was an absolute blast, and I really loved it! I normally don't play card based games but figuring out the strategies on this was really fun! I beat the demo on the third try, and whilst the game didn't get stale, it sure felt slow. It may be better to add a permanent fast forward button as your pinky can hurt after a while. The summoning guys were kind of annoying in large numbers, but it was nice how they can only summon one beetle at a time. I would love to see the game's pace be a bit faster, as this is quite a nice strategy game

Overall, has a lot of potential and was really fun, 5/5

Gave the demo a run through, gotta say I'm a big fan! The art is especially nice, I love her walk animation a lot.

Just a few notes on my end:

 I found I lost track of my health bar. It's there, at the bottom left, but unlike enemies it didn't pop up over my head when I took damage. I found myself in critical condition after moshing with a bunch of enemies near a lure and didn't realize I was taking damage. I saw later 1v1 that a tiny damage number bounces off me, but without the hp bar showing up as well it really doesn't register as damage, ya know? Having an option to show a hp bar near my character would be really appreciated.

My apologies I forget the name, the teleporting lightning bolt attack that repeats if you kill an enemy. I finished off everyone on the field using that but the overlay remained and I couldn't continue until I right-clicked the effect away. Not major but I feel it's one of those things that could potentially trip someone up.

Congratulations on your kickstarter succeeding! I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for this game in the future!

Fun game. Some cards give wrong descriptions of what they do with the right images. idk if this is intentional of a bug. I guess it rewards knowing the cards!

i need it web plz

I generally don't like card games. However, this was an absolute blast even with the limited cards and enemies in this demo. I love all the mechanics, art, sound design, and even the music so far. One thing that really stuck out to me is how the music transitions between walking around normally and battling. If I would have seen this sooner, I would have backed you on Kickstarter for sure. I will be following this game very closely and will definitely be picking it up on PC and probably Switch too!


good fun, combos are awesome


I love this game, unfortunately it's a very short demo, I would like to see more in the future <3


the game crashed once.. ,,,, also this is rlly good game looking forward to it , keep up the good work (idk am emberesed xd)


espero que lo traduscan al español es muy bueno uwu


Quite an upgrade compared to the prototype! I enjoyed playing through this demo very much. 

Managed to make the mistake of not recording my playthrough though, again.


super nice, dropped a slime into a hole and blew up an army at once, exciting possibility space


this is so creative how the hell did you think of this


Ola,estou jogando a demonstração e curti muito o estilo cadence of hyrule com turn based, apenas um detalhe que eu não consegui entender foi a imagem de ''your phase'' onde é um cajado,mas mim pareçe um sapato. 

outro detalhe que eu gostaria muito: suporte ao controle no PC,sou gamer de pc e console mas adoro jogar no controle ja que utilizo no sofá.

Acredito então que o ritmo dele é bom mas eu particularmente fico muito devagar no mouser.

No geral é isso,estou amando o game muito bom e a trilha sonora excelente, mal posso esperar para o seu lançamento,se for do plano de vocês lançar para ps4 e nintendo switch será muito bem vindo.

Desejo que consigam finalizar da melhor forma que vocês tem em mente.


Although I preferred the original format, this game is still really fun to play and I enjoyed every single second of it. Props to you guys!


This should be on steam.

Worth at least a few bucks


There's a lot of good to say about this. It combines a lot of my favorite things together, and pulls it off really well! I'm a big fan of tile-based RPGs, and this combines that with roguelite and card game mechanics. I love that your normal movement is limited, so you mostly need to move in combat by utilizing teleporting and dashing. It creates some pretty neat turns where you're dashing around the screen finishing off every enemy stylishly. The art is great, the music is fun, and the combat is a treat. Definitely give this a shot if you're into roguelites or tile-based RPGs. Props to the developers!


It was super fun, I loved it! Engaging gameplay and beautiful artwork.
One thing I didn't understand is why pressing backspace makes me take damage. Also, sometimes the ability ranges don't appear aligned with the tiles, and there is an outline to the characters that I don't see in the screenshots but is a little distracting. Keep up the good work!


Can you come out with a Mac version?


Played the prototype earlier. Anyway you wouldn't by any chance have a 32bit version?


time to d-d-d-d-du-u-u-u-le! haha...don't sue  me !


Wait!Wait! Somone should mod this with a Steven Universe storyline and pixelart.Yeah i'm that kind of person that watches kids shows like a bee is attracted to honey! Please don't judge me. :p


honestly same here


i think Toby Fox might want to work on a game like this one,such as add better music and whatnot.


Oh, it looks so good! Kampai!


I was hoping to reach out to the Manalith team, but it looks like your "contact me" form is not working. Is there another way to get in touch?

You can directly email me using ;)


Thanks Lukas!

I'll be in touch soon.

Best wishes


Greed Island?


It is so good,had a lot of fun and I loved the art owo

(1 edit) (+1)

I will to try it asap ! Seems so good !



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