A downloadable game for Windows

This is a playable demo only.

Dungeon Drafters is a world where magic is cards and cards are magic. Play as a young adventurer, eager to explore ancient dungeons and find long-forgotten cards to build the legendary spell deck that could defeat the one wielding the forbidden cards the entire world fears!

Dungeon Drafters is:

  • A tile-based dungeon crawler being developed for PC & Nintendo Switch.
  • A deck-building game, where your weapons are your cards.
  • A rogue-lite, where defeat means game over, but you don't lose everything.

In Dungeon Drafters, your cards are your arsenal. Split the ground open with earthquakes, cast white-hot fireballs, and call down lightning to eliminate your foes.

Use your cards in conjunction to execute incredible combos that devastate the battlefield, destroying all that stands in your way. As long as you have the cards, the power is in your hands.

We truly hope you enjoy Dungeon Drafters demo! SUPPORT US!


Dungeon Drafters 56 MB


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There's a lot of good to say about this. It combines a lot of my favorite things together, and pulls it off really well! I'm a big fan of tile-based RPGs, and this combines that with roguelite and card game mechanics. I love that your normal movement is limited, so you mostly need to move in combat by utilizing teleporting and dashing. It creates some pretty neat turns where you're dashing around the screen finishing off every enemy stylishly. The art is great, the music is fun, and the combat is a treat. Definitely give this a shot if you're into roguelites or tile-based RPGs. Props to the developers!

It was super fun, I loved it! Engaging gameplay and beautiful artwork.
One thing I didn't understand is why pressing backspace makes me take damage. Also, sometimes the ability ranges don't appear aligned with the tiles, and there is an outline to the characters that I don't see in the screenshots but is a little distracting. Keep up the good work!

Can you come out with a Mac version?

Played the prototype earlier. Anyway you wouldn't by any chance have a 32bit version?


time to d-d-d-d-du-u-u-u-le! haha...don't sue  me !


Wait!Wait! Somone should mod this with a Steven Universe storyline and pixelart.Yeah i'm that kind of person that watches kids shows like a bee is attracted to honey! Please don't judge me. :p


i think Toby Fox might want to work on a game like this one,such as add better music and whatnot.

Oh, it looks so good! Kampai!

I was hoping to reach out to the Manalith team, but it looks like your "contact me" form is not working. Is there another way to get in touch?


Greed Island?


It is so good,had a lot of fun and I loved the art owo

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I will to try it asap ! Seems so good !




Tried downloading it, got an error, so it dosen't work :(

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do you have winrar if you don't download that it should work then


What is 'winrar'?



Glad to see this game is still active and Congrats on the kickstarter! all that's left is the full release!


When i selected one of the orbs that i placed down previously with the thunderstrike the game froze up. Just wanted to let you know in case it's a bug and not just me being stupid. It would also be nice to view the controls again besides at the beginning of the game(possibly in an options menu ). Besides that great game :D

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i cant download it pls give a actual file not a rar


I don't think you understand why they zip it. A game contains a .Exe (an executable, something that runs) but for it to run it needs data, codes or assets. This info is stored in files. So, in a zip you usually have all the data in open folders and an executable. To be able to send these files, they have to be zipped. If you can't download it, get a program that can. You are basically asking for a game that cannot run without it's data. 


Thanks Limetea!

This is indeed correct. Best option would be to download a software that let you unzip the content. Most OS have a default tool that allows you to do that.



Any reason as to why you use .rar and not .zip though?


I’m so happy I found this, and I’m glad to see that the kickstarter was successful, congratulations on that!! I can’t wait for the fully game experience 


No Linux release, no interest on my part...

People need to start taking Linux serious as a game development platform. There are several games that can be easily ported to Linux (basically everything made in Godot and Unity), but aren't just because the developer think that there is no public for it. I'm here to say THERE IS ONE! 


any chance for a Linux release?


Well, I crashed the game right after I cleared the first room. I cleared the room by using the thing that bomb the area around it when hit to kill the last monster. After the door opens, I cannot move. Also, clicking on the skill moves me to the skill activation stage and just let me click without activating the skill. Any key except the enlarge map key 'F' did not respond. Even the 'ESC' key did not work.

Please fix it if you can and it is a nice game because I played Endhall and it is similar to this game. 

Possible reasons for the crash/soft lock:

  • the slime exploded and one of the two disappear due to it being to close to the wall.
  • The bomb shadow still there on the tile.
  • I did not manually kill it with skills so it crashed. 

PRETTTY GOOOOOOOD I made a video on it. 


Hi! Just found out about this game and love it - but I missed the Kickstarter. Is there any way to still contribute?

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There is a glitch where the enemy turn and the player turn keep switching for no reason. The only thing that I could think that this happened is I had a allied slime and one of those lure machines then the lure machine killed two slimes at the same time and that could have triggered something, also I had no more moves left.


Is there a way to back this game now that Kickstarter ended? Somehow i missed this GEM and I'm kicking myself!


great arts style! but my laptop got extremely hot after the game runing


Hi! I just beat the demo. I really enjoyed the gameplay. Every room felt a bit like a puzzle that I had to decode with my limited set of cards. Some turns I had to simply move around to get a better positioning. Thinking about it, I like that style of play.

You definitely have my interest. Good luck with development!

I have a question. How do i launch the game?

Just download the .rar file, unzip it and play the dungeondrafters.exe
You should be able to play the game just fine 😉




Thanks Luis! I'm glad to hear that and I do appreciate your feedback


how do you download this game


yeah wtf

I've just changed the extension from .7z to .rar
You should have no problems playing it right now ✌


I hope you guys are doing well during this pandemic. I'm very happy to see how far the kickstarter has come and I'm excited for what's to come. Good luck!


Thanks a lot for the support! 💚