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AuthorLucas Demo
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This game is a lot of fun, it lacks som depth but for 10-15 min it's ok


I enjoyed it, but I'd love to see the concept in a longer game! Not the murder for love thing. Well, maybe the murder for love thing, but the gameplay for sure.



Insanely addictive game! I have other plans for this day! Make me stop playing, please.  Agree with CoalFire on the pits, otherwise a great game! Well done.


This game is great! Maybe adding some levels would be cool too. I feel like the mechanics of this game would pair well with some cool feudal Japan-like levels and boss fights.


Great to see another game from you dude! I absolutely loved the movement, impact and flow of the combat, but I wish those death pits weren't there as they don't quite mesh with the movement system, but still a damn fine jam entry! Keep up the great work!


this was a very awesome game short and sweet! jut wonderful 


Love will make you do... bloody things... :) 


interesting! im commenting before i make a video so you'll see two comments from me



too much blood