A downloadable game for Windows

Inferno is a battle game where you fight demonic enimies in waves controling just the mouse. The game as differents enemies and you can upgrade your skills to reach the final Boss!

This game was made in 48 hours, it's already complete and I'm not working on it anymore, although I will reply any comment and sugestions, so, fell free to talk with me.

Feel free to message me, you can send me a tweet @Lukbebalduk3 and even email-me lukbebalduke@outlook.com and I do reply! :)

Install instructions

There is two download links, the FIRST ONE is the GAME. The second one is the source game.


ProjectInferno.zip 123 MB
ProjectInferno.gmz 193 MB


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This is so much FUN!

I have made a short preview of Inferno. At a Glance you can see what the game is like before you download it. be warned, It's addictive.

Dude, thanks for the content haha! That's so cool! I do appreciate it a lot :)


You're very welcome! thanks for the sick little game! ;)