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Everything within the range of light, gains life. Everything else, turns to stone. 

Lamparina is a top-down puzzle game, where you open magic doors by adjusting the projection of light and solving enigmatic challenges!

Lamparina was created in less than 40 hours, for the Global Game Jam 2019.

Install instructions

Unzip the files and execute the game. Gamepad is supported and recommended.


Lamparina.zip 38 MB

Development log


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I had such a blast with your game. The puzzles are fun and the overall set up is very engaging. Thanks for such a wonderful experience!

Hello there, I got a chance to play this for my Indie Game Showcase that I do and I really enjoyed the game. I had a hard time with stage 11, but I still enjoyed the game none the less. I hope that more would be added to the game.


Really fun game :) Looking forward to more levels :)


i gave you the speedrun material

but this cant be describe as speedrun cause someone called me during the speedrun and i need to pause the game :D

this is really helpfull for walkthrough tho


Great work 5/5. I'm waiting for more levels

Thank you very much ;)


Looks fantastic- awesome work

Thank you very much!

I hope you enjoyed the game ;)


How do I start the game?

download the file attached :P

Download the zip and extract the files,
After that, hit any buttom in or keyboard or press start in your gamepad ;)


No, I mean those buttons aren't working.

W,A,S,D and mouse are not working?


It'd appear so. When the menu shows up, and it says "press  any button" it doesn't seem to work.

That is definitely unexpected.

Does the "press any" even blinks has it should?


It is blinking. Maybe your game has windows controls disabled?


bug finder is here XD

Did you find any haha?

yep..... the downloaded file detects as something harmfull :D

This is truly normal. It is not a recognizable file as most of the other games, and also it has such a low number of downloads, that it probably has not been added to the anti-virus database as a game.

You can disable your anti-virus and trust my word, or you can run the game in the safety mode (which your anti-virus should include).

If you have any additional trouble running the game, please, inform me ;)

i cant download it now