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i really like the graphic, gameplay and every other else. the only thing  the player want is the next level and sequel but i read the comment below. do you make your own asset?

just realise this game develope by the same dev that create dungeon drafter XD


Fun for a few minutes, but really easy. I had no problem beating it first time I played and I still had lots of time before faith dropped to 0. Maybe breeding sheeps should be slower, or additional sheep farms shouldn't provide 3 of them? :)

Do you plan on expanding this or was it only for Ludum Dare? :)


Also you should change color of text on itch.io webpage - I can't read anything without highlighting it :)


Oh, thanks for informing me, I've just fixed the font color.

Talking about the game, I actually do not intend to continue with the development, it was meant to be just a Ludum Dare game - which is one of the main reasons with the game is kinda of unbalanced and needs some tunning in the difficulty. I actually couldn't playtest it enough in the 48 hours and ended up trying to guess the right values for the game. If I ever get back to this project, I will make sure to consider your suggestions!

Thank you very much ;)