A downloadable game for Windows

SeMata is a puzzle plataformer game where the objective is to kill yourself, by resolving trick and non-linear puzzles.

The game has a short intro explaning it's story, and also 20 levels of puzzles, including a special level. This game is based in a old indie game I found called Tu-yu-yu.

The game is avaible in English and Portuguese.

This project have been released years ago, so, I'm not working on it anymore, although I will reply any comment and sugestion.

Feel free to message me, you can send me a tweet @Lukbebalduk3 and even email-me lukbebalduke@outlook.com and I do reply! :)

Install instructions

This is and old project of mine, so, the only avaible download link is for windows, just download and run.


SeMata.exe 7 MB


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I can't seem to get through level 8... Is the button supposed to do something?

Yeah haha, if you are playing with the mouse on the screen, you will probably noticed something strange :)